The Medium

My task was to design a book cover and at least 3 spreads with the text provided. The text is from Marshall Mcluhan's "The Medium is the Message." 

The text is both conceptual and informational, which is why I decided on the brochure format. On reading the passage I felt that the concepts were both very abstract and dense, so I wanted to create a something that would make the text easier and more fun to read. 

I decided to risoprint for both aesthetic and conceptual reasons - first, I wanted to create interesting variation through overlap and offsetting. Second, I wanted to bring back the older feel you can achieve through risoprint. Lastly, I wanted the material itself to reference back to the idea that "the medium is the message." 

This was made using a combination of Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.

the medium is the message marshall mcluhan brochure graphic design