Snowboard Branding

Task: Design 3 different branding concepts for a fictional Scandinavian snowboard company called snø.

Logo I Exploration

I wanted my first logo to include animal imagery, which would be appealing for a children's snowboard brand. Consistent line weight would make it easily readable and applicable on the snowboard itself, as well as on tshirts and stationary. 

Logo I - Final Logo and Mockups

Logo II Exploration

With the second logo I played with the type itself to create an image of a snowy mountain. With a sleek, minimal look, this logo could work well for both a children's brand and an adult brand.

Logo II - Final Logo and Mockups

Logo III Exploration

Revisiting the animal imagery, this time I created a more illustrative logo. The cursive font gives off a more elegant feel, which would cater towards female snowboarders. 

Logo III - Final Logo and Mockups

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