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Tiger Balm Rebrand


Personal project to rebrand the well-known Chinese tiger balm ointment.

Problem: The current logo looks outdated and isn't suited for a medicine brand. How do I keep the same iconic figure of the tiger so that the brand is still recognizable, but at the same time make it more modern?

tiger balm rebrand logo modern style

References photos of the current packaging, specific ingredients used in the ointment, and vintage package design.

Early sketches I drew of the tiger design, keeping the same leaping pose, and including the herb ingredients as elements. It was still too complicated though. I needed a recognizable silhouette.

Untitled_Artwork (12).png

The final design, using a circular shape that would be recognizable as a logo. I simplified and used a flatter design, primarily taking inspiration from chinese paper cutouts. The pattern within the tiger's body are the specific herb ingredients that are used in the tiger balm ointment: camphor, menthol, cajuput, and mint.

My design on mockups. I decided to use a less saturated color pallette from the original packages, in order to convey the "soothing" quality of the ointment.

tiger balm modern rebranded package product design with logo
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